Pokemon Go Invade The Gold Coast

Head for the Hills as Pokemon Go fans invade the City of Gold Coast

As Pokemon Go fans swamp public places, wandering blindly to the glow of their mobile device, our best advice is to, head for the hills as Pokemon Go fans invade the City of Gold Coast! The city has come alive with mixed age groups roaming popular areas of the Gold Coast. A game that is sweeping the world, has gathered momentum in the glitter strip also!

THE Gold Coast is cashing in on the Pokeconomy with enterprising Gold Coasters creating small businesses based around the game. Chauffeur services, offers to walk distances required to hatch Pokeggs and tutorials on the game, and are all on offer for small hourly fees. A Burleigh Waters man has already raked in $200 from just four hours of work, driving three Indian Pokemon Go players to all the region’s hot spots! Mobile games and internet trends do not interest everyone, some think the whole idea of hours waisted starring at a phone, is absurd. So what can you do to escape the thousands of fans, old and young, that are hitting the Gold Coast’s streets, shops and attractions to catch the small animated monsters? Our suggestion would be to head for the hills as pokemon go fans invade the city of Gold Coast.

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