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Wahbiang Blog

Today is our 3rd day in Gold Coast. We will be heading up into the mountains. We started the day early at 8am. Greeting us at our hotel’s lobby was this cool-looking dude (Darran) and his powerful land rover. Awesome! This is exactly what we need for a perfect adventure! A powerful 4-wheel drive through those rocky terrains!

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Weekend Notes

I’d say this tour is the perfect option if you want to book a private group tour or family tour for a special birthday celebration, overseas visitors or with a group of friends, looking for a day out with a difference.

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ladyironchef has over 1 million social media followers & is the best Food and Travel Blogger in Asia Pacific!

Our guide, Royd, was witty and knowledgeable and we had a great time. From visiting the nature parks; to learning how to throw a boomerang; having a simple, but great lunch at a beautiful camping site; appreciating wine at a local wine-maker; and spotting wallabies by the roadside – we did so many things within a day.

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DaoDao China

Class 95FM from Singapore

Class 95FM Joined us for a Private Tour, Check out what they got up to. Thanks FD Vernetta and Glen

The Richmonds Joined us from Gold 90FM and Broadcast live on the radio

“We were in Gold Coast in November 2012. We have tried a 4WD experience with Southern Cross 4WD.

We were a family of 7 pax (3 young children, my parents and us).

Royd was our guide for that day.

He was very informative and knowledgeable about the area he brought us to.
We were on this full day private arranged tour and we have no clue what to do with the itineraries.

Southern Cross brought us to the Tamborine mountain to try out a 4WD off road experience. Subsequently, we have some morning tea in a church building. As we have missed the timing for a pre-arranged glow worm tour, we instead headed for a hiking in the rain forest at Joalah, section of Tamborine Mtn whereby Royd introduced the destruction of the tree by Termites, showed us some turkey and their nest and a waterfall. Then we head off to the glow worm caves for a glow worm visit. We have a short visit at the Gallery Walk when we request to have a wine tasting session. Royd introduced us to the winery called the Boutique winery. They have lovely wines there.

After that, we headed to a farm for a privately arranged BBQ meal to have a sumptuous lunch. You could choose fish, chicken or beef for the main meal and plenty of greens and fruits as well.
After lunch, we have a go at boomerang throwing, whip cracking and running around the farm for the children.

Therafter, we went to the mountain around O-Reilly’s whereby we went for a treetop walk and we seen fantastic view of the mountain around O-Reilly’s. We even have bird feeding session there where lots of bird and parrots perch on our head and shoulder during the feeding session.

As it is coming to an end of the trip, Royd brought us to a lookout point where we have a spectacular view of the Gold Coast scenery from far. We have taken a lot of photograph here as well.

Overall, it was good entertainment for us as Royd was able to arrange so much items into one day trip and he was also very fun and humorous to be with. We even spotted many Kangaroos and Wallabies along the drive. He is a really good guide to be around with.”

Thanks and Best Regards,

Rick Teo